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Powell Signature Flute with Custom Keywork for Sale

  • 0.16” Sterling silver body, tubing and mechanism

  • Offset G keys

  • C# trill

  • B foot joint with Gizmo

  • Pinned Mechanism

  • Straubinger pads

  • A-442 Modern Powell Scale

  • Custom keywork extensions and modifications by John Lunn of Newport, NH around 2018 

    •  A-flat Lever Extension, Modified G & C Keys

  • Cherry wood case, leather case, silver polishing cloth & cleaning rod

Current replacement value without custom key work:  $10,573
                                              with custom key work:  $11,723

valued at $1,150 by David Houston in March 2023  


Maintained with COA annually since 2014. Last COA March 2023.

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