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Breathe Deeply Again!

Image by Nino Liverani

An Empowering

3-Part Online Workshop

On the Breathing Process with

Strategies to Increase Lung Capacity

Guiding you through the 3-part workshop, Body Mapping specialist, Vanessa Mulvey will help you recognize the beautiful and liberating process of breath through the practice of breathing throughout your day and developing effortless control as you expand your lung capacity.  


 Vanessa will introduce you to the mechanics of healthy breathing through relearning this essential function for a vivacious life while also experiencing the motion of your body.  You'll learn helpful techniques to automatically kickstart the breath and breathe deeply again, as we once did naturally as babies.  The calming force of the breathe is a key to coordination, physical movement with ease and calming the busy stressed mind.


This workshop is a wonderful opportunity for people experiencing diminished lung capacity due to Covid-19, illness, injury or who want to build physical stamina & endurance.  

Class 1 - Regulate Your Breath

Class 2 - Important Abdominal Movement

Class 3 - Putting It All Together

Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30pm

Zoom Link Provided Upon Registration

(sessions recorded and available for viewing)

$75 for the series

November Series

11/2, 11/9, 11/16

Learn about:

Diaphragm, Excursion of the Ribs, Inhaling & Exhaling, How To Control the Breath, Breathing Techniques, Abdominal Movements, Lungs, Changes in Volume and Shape

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