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Dr. Heather J. Buchanan, Professor of Music & Director of Choral Activities, Montclair State University

"I knew Vanessa’s teaching was the ideal compliment to the Body Mapping (BMG) work I’ve been teaching for many years because it accurately and efficiently allows you to make the connections between BMG concepts and practical skill development.  The workshop was carefully planned and beautifully presented, with pacing that worked effectively for the virtual teaching environment. I highly recommend Vanessa’s teaching to anyone wishing to cultivate an embodied movement experience."

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Leone Buyse, Mullen Professor of Flute, The Shepherd School of Music at Rice University

"Vanessa Mulvey was articulate and approachable, offering extremely valuable information directed toward releasing tension and maintaining mental focus in performance. Working with instrumentalists as a group and individually, she shared an excellent handout on the anatomy of breathing and specific exercises that encouraged attendees to cultivate awareness of balance and fine tune movement while playing. Everyone benefited greatly from her emphasis on fluidity of motion resulting from a clear understanding of the body’s map. Most highly recommended!"

Paula Robison, Donna Hieken Flute Chair
New England Conservatory

"Vanessa is a beacon of light to anyone searching for body knowledge. She has vast experience and is adding to it all the time so that she can care for each
musician who comes her way in a caring and precise way."

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Trudy Kane, Frost School of Music, Former Principal Flute Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

"I have seen Vanessa Mulvey give two Body Mapping classes, one at the New York Flute Convention, and one at the Frost School. There is no question that everyone is thrilled to learn what she has to offer. Vanessa explains things in a very clear and entertaining way, and quickly makes you want to do whatever she suggests. Students are always thrilled with the results, as am I."




You Yang, Flute
Finalist NFA Young Artists '21

Body Mapping helped me build body awareness in practice sessions, which enabled me to identify the root of tension and learned how to relax accordingly. It also helps me in teaching as it concretized some abstract concepts like “support” so that these can be understood by younger students.  

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Diego Plata
Utah Flute Association

My body awareness increased significantly after this class and playing feels more natural and relaxed now. I've been doing these exercises with my students and I can already see and hear the improvement. She also provided us with many resources that we can continue using moving forward. The Salt Lake Valley flute community really enjoyed Vanessa's class and we can't wait to have her back!

Trombone Player

Aneesh Kumar, Trombone

I have become more aware of the interactions between my body and my craft. Keying into and experimenting with different movements has made me see how many ways my body can effect my performance. By being aware, I have elevated my personal performance technique. I am confident in how I present myself to an audience

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