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Corporate Team

Simple, straight forward tools that harness the body’s natural design for sitting, standing, and moving to keep your team healthy & enhance productivity.

Work Meeting

Team workshops guide members to access the intrinsic support of the skeleton & connective tissue.

Flexible workshops empower team members with strategies to move and optimize attention to work smarter not harder.


Movement to reconnect the parts of the body into a whole, reducing back, neck, and arm strain.

Increase self-awareness to diminish discomfort that leads to pain.

Rock Balancing

Building Connections Within & Together

  • Flexible programming:

    • breathing

    • ergonomics of sitting and standing

    • support for the arms

  • Hands-on experiences empower participants to bring healthy habits into their day.

  • Reset mind, restore the body with concepts at virtually any moment.

  • Memorable strategies to organize body & mind for efficient productivity.

Designer At Work
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