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Body Mapping for Musicians

What is Body Mapping?

Body Mapping answers the important question of “how” we make-music.  Once we understand how to move we have access to a wider range of dynamics, articulation & expressive elements.  With the tools of Body Mapping, we map movement  precision and accuracy, then integrate this high quality movement into our playing to expand our expressive palate and performing confidence. 

What are Body Maps?

Body maps in the brain guide playing movement, in fact, they guide ALL movement. When updated to accurately represent the body’s design for movement, we can refine movement and find just the right movements with just the right amount of effort. This unleashes a whole new level of artistic expression.  

  • reliable technique

  • increased resonance

  • relief from discomfort

  • enhanced soft tissue healing

  • increased confidence


Who benefits from Body Mapping?

  • Musicians who want more in their playing! 

  • Musicians experiencing playing discomfort or injury. Including movement retraining in the recovery process enhances healing and returning to playing, better than ever.


Where did Body Mapping originate?

The body maps in the brain can be changed with the help of anatomical models, self-inquiry and movement. Body Mapping is the process we use to update these maps that guide all movement.  Alexander Technique teacher, Barbara Conable created the Body Mapping course, What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body, and trained musicians to teach this information providing musicians with the anatomical information that allows them to overcome playing limitation and pain, and fully express musical ideas.

My teaching...

My personal quest to understand movement shapes the way I teach Body Mapping.  I combine movement principles from other modalities with Body Mapping to help you find balance, learn to dynamically move in a balanced way, and embody your playing.

How can you learn...

Drop-In BMg Classes

Enhance your playing and practicing in the weekly 50-minute class clarifying a topic and taking it into your playing.

Private Coaching

Uncover healthy, efficient movement in your playing. Learn how to make movement the foundation to your playing.



Bring Body Mapping to your school, studio or conference.  Interactive experiences to meet the needs of your group.

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