Movement Matters!

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Sound emanates from the movement of air.  Approaching music-making through movement offers solutions to playing obstacles.  Movement matters!

When a musician’s movements are free and fluid, the music also embodies these qualities.  In music-making, this translates into expression facility and confidence. 

In your next practice session ask yourself, “What are the movements I need to play/sing this?”  The answer to this simple question is not a complex mathematical equation, it is simply movement which agrees with the body’s anatomical design.  Moving in concert with the body's design allows elegant and expressive coordination, which is ideal movement for music-making.

Barbara Conable’s ground-breaking resource, What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body (GIA), along with companion books authored for specific instruments, offer musicians information and tools to reclaim natural free movement.  I love working with musicians to fully integrate movement as the foundation to their playing. 

I invite you to allow movement to be the foundation to your music-making.  Movement provides solutions to technical, expressive, confidence and physical discomfort and reveals access to expressive freedom. Stay tuned for more on this....